We believe a distinct combination of our significant investment experience, commitment to value creation and meaningful stakeholder management, and our deep local knowledge sets us apart.

Our Strategy


We invest with integrity, rigor and with a view to create enduring returns as agents of change. We work with our partner companies to realize sustainable operational excellence.

Since our founding in 2011, Seawood has been guided by the core values of collaboration, professionalism, excellence, entrepreneuralism, accountability, integrity, and empathy. These values continue to shape our original mission: to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to investors while playing an effective role as agents of economic and social change in the markets and communities in which we invest.

Private Equity

Our private equity investment strategy is to acquire controlling interests in well-managed businesses. We create organic value in these businesses through operational improvements, management incentives, optimization of capital structure and accelerating growth.

We focus on holding investments through a long time horizon, maximizing shareholder value through strong operational growth and substantial capital appreciation.

Active ownership

Through our active ownership model, we aim to influence the strategic and tactical direction of partner companies to help them achieve their potential.

Our philosophy in each of our target companies is simple: to scale up business by providing financial, strategic, operational, staffing, and networking support, adding value to all aspects of the business.

Network, Support, Growth: