We believe a distinct combination of our significant investment experience, commitment to value creation and meaningful stakeholder management, and our deep local knowledge sets us apart.

Our Strategy


At Seawood, we are sector agnostic investors focused on identifying investment opportunities in high growth sectors in the global marketspace.

Although we target companies with compelling fundamental drivers, our core view is that long term sustainable value creation is generated by the ability to find, build, and grow, exceptional companies and assets. Thus, we primarily seek out companies who have sustainable competitive advantage – those able capitalize on macro level economic trends, address global supply – demand gaps, and take advantage of technological innovation and breakthroughs.

Impactful Value Creation

Seawood has a dedicated team of operating professionals who work hand-in-hand with investment teams to actively drive value creation in portfolio companies, helping them institutionalize and accelerate growth.

We aim to leave a positive footprint in the companies we invest in and are committed to unlocking their potential.

Network, Support, Growth:

From the onset, we take partnerships to heart.

We work side-by-side with our partner companies to help them grow and realize their ambitions. Often, our businesses require strong community support to thrive. That’s why we take a broad stakeholder approach to investment. We take partnerships to heart and pride ourselves in the number of trust-based relationships we have built through the years. Through their strong local knowledge and connections, our on-the-ground extensive network ensures our companies get the best support they need to succeed.

Network, Support, Growth: